Activities in Valparaíso

What to do in the surroundings?

Only 40 km from Valparaíso is the Casablanca Valley, an important place for those who wish to know a little more about our wine culture. Casablanca is a valley that has a privileged orientation towards the northwest, which allows a permanent exposure to the sun. In this zone the varieties stand out: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Carmenere mainly. Several vineyards stand out.


Known as the “Main Port” it receives all kinds of boats, from fishing boats to cruises. Get to know the bay in all its splendor and see the city from another perspective and discover the port in depth… it’s possible!

Paseo Atkinson

Founded by Johnn Atkinson, English immigrant who came for the nitrate business. He was originally owner of the 7 identical houses, which today are full of life and varied colors. From this Paseo the view dominates an important sector of the city, which includes the Plaza Aníbal Pinto, the old Plaza del Orden and the Intendencia building.

Ex Cárcel Cultural Center

The Cultural Park of Valparaíso, also known as the Ex-prison, is an architectural complex built in the Cerro Cárcel de Valparaíso, Chile, on the basis of what was the old public jail of the city, within its dependencies is also located an old powder keg, an old archaeological site from the end of the colonial period, which corresponds to the oldest preserved construction in the city.

Mirador Gervasoni

It is believed that his name is due to Tomás Gervasoni, honorary consul of Italy in Valparaíso, who would have lived in the place. From the viewpoint you can see part of the Bay, some hills and the impressive proximity of the Turri Clock. On this walk you will find the Mirador Lukas house, which is both a museum and an exhibition hall.