First Sustainable Boutique Hotel in Chile

Our Hotel Boutique Acontraluz is one of the best Hotels in Valparaíso, as recognized by the hundreds of guests who have visited us. We invite you to open the door of your room with the most traditional of the keys and immerse yourself in a mixture of eras that harmoniously combine a perfectly maintained house with more than 120 years old mixed with eco technology. We are known for being the first sustainable hotel in Chile with national and international recognition. We use solar technology to supply energy for the heating of water and, through photovoltaic solar panels. During your stay you will be able to appreciate an incomparable view of the great bay of Valparaíso and immerse yourself in a historical and patrimonial past.


Located in the heart of Cerro Alegre, one of the most beautiful places of Valparaíso. City Cultural Heritage of Humanity. A quiet place, silent, with colors, lights and shadows generating beautiful urban landscapes and an unparalleled view of the bay, these images take over our windows and terraces accompanying our guests during their stay.

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Hotel Boutique Acontraluz

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