Our Hotel Boutique Acontraluz  is one of the best hotels in Valparaíso, as recognized by the hundreds of guests who have visited us. We invite you to open the door of your room with the most traditional of the keys and immerse yourself in a mixture of eras that harmoniously combine a perfectly maintained house with more than 120 years old mixed with eco technology. Located in the heart of Cerro Alegre, one of the most beautiful places of Valparaíso. City Cultural Heritage of Humanity. A quiet place, silent, with colors, lights and shadows generating beautiful urban landscapes and an unparalleled view of the bay, these images take over our windows and terraces accompanying our guests during their stay. The hotel has innovative facilities, with discreet designs, maintaining the classic line of the beginning of the 20th century of German architecture, with cozy spaces, meeting room, terraces, garden, bar, and wine cellar.


The rooms were adapted to the original spaces offered by the property, their rooms were painted with a variety of colors, to recreate the chromatic diversity of Valparaíso.

Our design option enhances the view and wide interior spaces, achieving comfortable terraces that allow spectacular views of the great bay of Valparaiso. We also highlight views towards the hills, which allow us to appreciate the colorful urban landscape, recognized and admired by artists, poets and all the visitors of our patrimonial city


The architects, builders and artisans who built these houses, aimed to create large spaces with high ceilings and optimal spatial orientation to take advantage of sunlight at all times. Today, thanks to their talents and effort, we can see these buildings intact, and offers us a permanent challenge to use our creativity with the same philosophy: Transform and recreate these constructions for new generations and give them the option so they can share and enjoy.

We have learned to appreciate the fact that the main driving force of Valparaíso is its soul, its ability to reinvent itself, its beautiful and unique natural spaces that are exposed capriciously and harmonically.
Our hotel is a place to socialize, get charged up, live and share experiences. We have an atmosphere of intimacy and affection, respect that accompanies our city and its port. Thus was born Hotel Boutique Acontraluz, maximizing spaces, brightness and location, opening terraces and windows to the sea and the beautiful urbanized landscape of our city, with spacious roofs that allow us to make solar technology facilities for better efficiency in the use of energy available in nature and take care of our environment, compatibilazando harmonically with the old construction.


To achieve the best stay of our guests, we consider within the services:

  • Breakfast with an extended schedule from 08:00 to 12:00 hrs. Availability before hours if required. Breakfast consists of a varied buffet of products for national consumption. We also leave open the possibility of special requirements of the guest.
  • Permanent self-service cafeteria station at no cost.
  • Free Wifi service throughout the hotel.
  • TV in room (the guest must request it).
  • 24/7 bilingual reception for consultations and services.

Services with additional cost:

  • Laundry service.
  • Service of bilingual specialized guides.
  • Taxi service or transportation according to requirements.